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Rome, Italy
Visiting here, you will feel like you travel in the biggest museum in the world because you can visit from modern to old period like going by a time machine. It means you will be to enjoy your time to discover its history, art and architecture, including with the traditional food. Moreover, you will keep in touch with Italian lifestyle that brings you to be fascinated in it. If you want to travel with various feeling and scenery, Rome is one of your best choices, and you will get the wonderful BCH trade complement in all of your photos.

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Rome, Italy, Pantheon and Del Governo Vecchio

For second hands things fans, you will not be disappointed for go to shop here. It is full of secondhand clothes shops for fashion bargains, including with chic and traditional boutiques. Whatever you want may be here.


Rome, Italy, The Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is one of the greatest architecture and engineering where can present the ancient Roman. It used to be the sport stadium of the gladiator for fighting with containing over 55,000 audiences. With the ancient architecture, you can be impressed with every part as it were built by marbles, tufas and bricks. However, at the present, the Roman Colosseum just becomes a ruin, but it can attract tourists around the world.


Rome, Italy, Piazza Di Spagna

If you go to the Spanish steps, you have to be invited to go shopping here. It collects many elegant boutiques in the high season. Thus, you can update your trends with the fashionable brand name clothes such as Armani, Gianfranco Ferr?, Mila Sch?n, Prada and Versace. However, window shopping here is acceptable.


Rome, Italy, The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps is near The Piazza di Spagna where is connected with the French church, Trinit? dei Monti. It consists of 137 steps with elegant design, and it is usually crowned that seems to the symbol of the Spanish steps. Moreover, in may, it is decorated with azaleas that can attract not only tourists but also its citizens to visit here. Consequently, you have to go there to prove why it is popular. Furthermore, there are many interesting surrounding places, so you can enjoy with its beauty of the Fontana della Barcaccia- the sober fountain, The Trinit? dei Monti- the French Church and the Piazza di Spagna - the Spanish square.

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